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Our western red cedar gable vents are made in a wide variety of attractive styles.

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Exterior Western Red Cedar Gable Vents



Select from a variety of exterior wood gable vents crafted in octagonal, round, half-round, oval and rectangular shapes.  Triangle and oval vents are also available.  We offer a variety of standard design variations and can supply custom designed gable vents to meet any specifications.  If you would like a quote on a custom size or shape click here.

Exposed exterior components are constructed of decay-resistant Western Red Cedar.  These hand-crafted ventilators feature louvers with a special "rain stop" design to prevent wind-driven rain.  All ventilators are constructed 1/2 inch under rough opening sizes.

Western Red Cedar is naturally decay-resistant and is easily stained or painted with proper priming.  Vents are available in western red cedar or exterior spray primed.

All of our gable vents are built to the following specifications:

 3-1/2" Jamb

 WW180 Brick Mould

Nylon Screen Backer

 Depth is 3-1/2" behind moulding.   2-1/8" on vents with dripsills.

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