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5/4X4 Eastern Red Cedar

Priced per piece.

Trim.  Ships in 3-5 weeks or sooner.

Dimensions:  1" Thick, 3-1/2" wide.

Click on image for ordering details.

All orders over $100 ship free of charge!

5/4X4 Eastern Red Cedar 2' $4.14 5/4X4 Eastern Red Cedar 4' $8.72 5/4X4 Eastern Red Cedar 6' $13.74 5/4X4 Eastern Red Cedar 8' $19.18
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5/4X4 eastern red cedar can be used for a variety of projects including trim, shelving support & stock for custom molding.  It is available in even lengths ranging from 2'-8' long.

Note: To avoid stains & streaks we recommend stainless steel fasteners.  Click here to view our selection of stainless steel nails, screws & pneumatic fasteners.

Dimensions:  1" thick, 3-1/2" wide.

This product is kiln-dried. 

Ships in 3-5 weeks or sooner.

All orders over $100.00 are shipped free of charge!