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1X8 Select White Cedar

Atlantic White Cedar Lumber

We offer Atlantic white cedar in the following grades:

STK: A knotty grade with sound knots. STK is usually ready for shipment in 2-4 weeks.

Select: A clear grade with an occasional pin-hole knot. Select is usually ready for shipment in 4-8 weeks.

Wider widths (10"-12") may have a longer lead time.

We offer kiln-dried or green lumber in rough or surfaced finishes.


All pricing is per linear foot. Freight is FOB Medford, NJ. Volume discounts are available.

There may be an upcharge for all long lengths.

To get a freight quote please contact us here with your desired material list.


Atlantic White Cedar Dimensional Lumber

1X2: $1.12/foot STK, $2.11/foot Select

1X3: $1.68/foot STK, $3.04/foot Select

1X4: $2.23/foot STK, $3.98/foot Select

1X5: $4.30/foot STK, $6.71/foot Select

1X6: $5.25/foot STK, $8.25/foot Select

1X8: $7.27/foot STK, Call for availability

1X10: $9.41/foot STK, N/A Select

1X12: $11.70/foot STK, N/A Select

5/4X2: $1.40/foot STK, Call for availability

5/4X3: $2.10/foot STK, Call for availability

5/4X4: $2.79/foot STK, Call for availability

5/4X6: $6.56/foot STK, Call for availability

5/4X8: $9.09/foot STK, Call for availability

5/4X10: $11.76/foot STK, N/A Select

5/4X12: $14.63/foot STK, N/A Select

2X2: $2.23/foot STK, Call for availability

2X3: $3.35/STK, Call for availability

2X4: $4.47/foot STK, Call for availability

2X6: $6.99/foot STK, Call for availability

2X8: $14.53/foot STK, N/A Select

2X10: $19.83/foot STK, N/A Select

2X12: $23.40/foot STK, N/A Select

 STK Atlantic White Cedar

Pergola constructed with STK Atlantic white cedar.

 1X4 T&G Select Atlantic white cedar

1X4 Select Atlantic white cedar being installed in eastern Long Island, NY.


Atlantic White Cedar Posts & Timbers

Available in STK only. Not available in kiln dried.

4X4: $8.93/foot

6X6: $20.10/foot

4X6: $13.40/foot

4X8: $17.87/foot

4X10: $22.33/foot

4X12: $26.80/foot

6X8: $26.80/foot

6X10: $33.50/foot

6X12: $40.20/foot


Atlantic White Cedar Siding

5/8X6 Bevel Siding: $5.25/foot STK, Call for availability

5/8X8 Bevel Siding: $7.27/foot STK, Call for availability

1X4 Tongue & Groove: $2.23/foot STK, $3.98/foot Select

1X5 Tongue & Groove: $4.30/foot STK, $6.71/foot Select

1X6 Tongue & Groove: $5.25/foot STK, $8.25/foot Select

1X8 Tongue & Groove: $7.27/foot STK, Call for Availability

1X4 Shiplap: $2.23/foot STK, $3.98/foot Select

1X5 Shiplap: $4.30/foot STK/ $6.71/foot Select

1X6 Shiplap: $5.25/foot STK, $8.25/foot Select

1X8 Shiplap: $7.27/foot STK, Call for Availability


Atlantic White Cedar Decking

5/4X6: $6.56/foot STK, Call for Availability in Select


Atlantic White Cedar Specialty Profiles

1X4 Cope & Bead: $2.23/foot STK, $4.40/foot Select