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1X8 Select White Cedar

Atlantic White Cedar Lumber

We offer Atlantic white cedar in the following grades:

STK: A knotty grade with sound knots. STK is usually ready for shipment in 2-4 weeks.

Select: A clear grade with an occasional pin-hole knot. Select is usually ready for shipment in 4-8 weeks.

Wider widths (10"-12") may have a longer lead time.

We offer kiln-dried or green lumber in rough or surfaced finishes.


All pricing is per linear foot. Freight is FOB Medford, NJ. Volume discounts are available.

To get a freight quote please contact us here with your desired material list.


Atlantic White Cedar Dimensional Lumber

1X2: $.58/foot STK, $1.22/foot Select

1X3: $.93/foot STK, $1.93/foot Select

1X4: $1.17/foot STK, $2.43/foot Select

1X6: $1.85/foot STK, $3.85/foot Select

1X8: $2.60/foot STK, $5.60/foot Select

1X10: $3.99/foot STK, N/A Select

1X12: $4.99/foot STK, N/A Select

5/4X2: $.76/foot STK, $1.55/foot Select

5/4X3: $1.20/foot STK, $2.45/foot Select

5/4X4: $1.52/foot STK, $3.11/foot Select

5/4X6: $2.40/foot STK, $4.91/foot Select

5/4X8: $3.37/foot STK, $7.11/foot Select

5/4X10: $5.15/foot STK, N/A Select

5/4X12: $6.24/foot STK, N/A Select

2X2: $1.26/foot STK, $2.44/foot Select

2X3: $2.10/STK, $4.29/foot Select

2X4: $2.53/foot STK, $4.88/foot Select

2X6: $4.10/foot STK, $8.39/foot Select

2X8: $5.73/foot STK, $12.09/foot Select

2X10: $8.50/foot STK, N/A Select

2X12: $11.58/foot STK, N/A Select

 STK Atlantic White Cedar

Pergola constructed with STK Atlantic white cedar.

 1X4 T&G Select Atlantic white cedar

1X4 Select Atlantic white cedar being installed in Shelter Island, NY.


Atlantic White Cedar Posts & Timbers

Available in STK only. Not available in kiln dried.

4X4: $5.04/foot

6X6: $13.61/foot

4X6: $6.99/foot

4X8: $9.33/foot

4X10: $14.04/foot

4X12: $17.53/foot

6X8: $16.86/foot

6X10: $21.07/foot

6X12: $25.28/foot


Atlantic White Cedar Siding

5/8X6 Bevel Siding: $1.55/foot STK, $2.25/foot Select

5/8X8 Bevel Siding: $2.20/foot STK, $3.27/foot Select

1X4 Tongue & Groove: $1.18/foot STK, $2.45/foot Select

1X6 Tongue & Groove: $1.86/foot STK, $3.89/foot Select

1X8 Tongue & Groove: $2.65/foot STK, $5.68/foot Select

1X4 Shiplap: $1.18/foot STK, $2.45/foot Select

1X6 Shiplap: $1.86/foot STK, $3.89/foot Select

1X8 Shiplap: $2.65/foot STK, $5.68/foot Select


Atlantic White Cedar Decking

5/4X6: $2.44/foot STK, $4.56/foot Select


Atlantic White Cedar Specialty Profiles

1X4 Cope & Bead: $1.14/foot STK, $2.40/foot Select


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* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
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