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2-1/2" X .099" 304 Stainless Steel 15-Degree Full Round Head Wire Coil Ring-Shank Decking/Framing Nails 3600-CT Box


Use for cedar decking and framing.

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Type 304 Stainless Steel.  Use for wood decking and framing such as cedar & redwood.

Fits these pneumatic nailers:

Bostitch: N80CB (up to 3-1/4"), N75C (up to 3"), N89C.  Dewalt: D51855.  Duo-Fast: P350C/CNW90, P275C (up to 2-3/4").  Grip Rite: GRTCN90-3-1/2, GRTCS250 (up to .099", 2-1/2").  Hitachi: NV65AH (up to .099", 2-1/2"), NV75AG (up to 3"), NV83A2.  Makita: AN901.  MAX: CN565S (up to .099", 2-1/2"), CN565D (up to .113", 2-1/2"), CN665 (up to 2-1/2"), CN890S, CN565 (up to .099", 2-1/2"), CN100, CN70 (up to 2-1/2"), CN80 (up to 3-1/4").  Senco: SCN60XP (up to .113", 2-3/4"), SCN49 (up to .113", 2-1/2"), SCN65XP (up to .113"), PalletPro100, PalletPro130 (over 3"), PalletPro70 (up to .113", 2-3/4"), PalletPro83 (up to 3-1/4").

Note:  For seaside applications type 316 stainless steel is recommended.

Free shipping on this item!