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Aromatic Cedar Closet Liner

Aromatic eastern red cedar has a beautiful contrast of red/pink heartwood and white sapwood. Whether you are looking to ward off insects or just like the look and smell of aromatic eastern red cedar you will fall in love with our closet liner. Finishing at 7/16" our product is nearly twice as thick as the cedar you will find at your local home center.

Our closet liner is available in two widths: 3" exposed face and 5" exposed face. Each width is available in three options: random lengths up to 4', random lengths up to 8' and all 8'. In the random length options 10%-15% of the order will be in the longest length (4' or 8'). The balance will run from 1' up to the longest length.

All random-length options are priced per square foot.

8' boards are sold per piece.

A 3" X 8' board covers 2 square feet.

A 5" X 8' board covers 3.33 square feet.

Price breaks are available at 100, 500, and 1000 square feet.



Lengths longer than 8' may be available depending on volume.  If you would like a quote click here to request a quote.

* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.

 To avoid unsightly black streaks we rrecommend stainless steel fasteners by Simpson Strong Tie for eastern red cedar closet liner, shelving and trim.