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3" X .120" 304 Stainless Steel Paper Tape 31-34 Degree Clipped Head Ring Shank Decking Nails 1000-CT Box


Use for cedar or redwood decking.

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Type 304 Stainless Steel.  Use for wood decking such as cedar & redwood.

Fits these pneumatic nailers:

Bostitch: F33PT, N90PT (2"-3-1/2"). Dewalt: D51823, D51822.  Duo-Fast: NSPM-325F, CN-325B.  Hitachi: NR83AA, NR83AA2, NR90AA.  Makita: AN942.  MAX: SN890CH/34, GS683CH.  Paslode: F350S Powermaster Plus, Impulse 325 & 350, 5325S, 5300 Plus, 5350S, F250S-PP IMCT (2"-3-1/4").  Senco: SN4, SN70, FramePro 600 & FramePro 650, SN325+, FramePro601 (up to 3-1/2"), FramePro 701XP (up to 3-1/2"), FramePro 651 (up to 3-1/2"), FramePro 751XP (up to 3-1/2").  Spotnails: YTD90.

Note:  For seaside applications type 316 stainless steel is recommended.

Free shipping on this item!